Fire Damper Servicing and Ductwork Cleaning

Fire and smoke dampers are fitted in ductwork where it passes through a fire compartment barrier, for example at fire-rated walls and floors.  They are designed to shut when a specified temperature or fire/smoke condition is met, preventing the spread of fire and smoke. In the most common design, a fusible link holds a spring-loaded shutter open. When the temperature is reached the link ‘fuses’, or melts and the shutter drops to stop the passage of hot air and smoke.

The difference between a well-maintained, working fire damper and an ill-maintained, partially working fire damper can be the difference between life and death in the case of a fire. These systems can fail over time for many different reasons which is why the British Standards give  good clear guidance that all fire dampers should be tested at regular intervals not exceeding 2 years and that spring operated fire dampers should be tested every 12 months and at greater frequencies if in a dust-laden environment.

Total Water Compliance can provide a fully compliant service on your systems fire dampers with each and every fire damper being tested, photographed and reported on in our in-depth reports

All of our engineers are equipped with the latest in tablet technology meaning we not only leave hard copies of all paperwork on site but simultaneously send these documents to your email and e-logbook for ease of reference.

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