Closed Water System Servicing

Closed circuit or closed loop water systems are a convenient way of heating or cooling building services applications and industrial and commercial processes. As the name closed loop suggests the intention is generally to retain the same water in the system for an indefinite period which means that without effective water treatment corrosion products and foulants can build up impairing flow and heat transfer and control valves can become blocked and inoperative.

Heating systems can become scaled up; chilled water systems can become choked with solids and pseudomonas slime-forming bacteria. Both can suffer from build-up of debris and detritus over time Therefore without the implementation of an effective treatment regime the water or fluid within the system can become impaired. Additionally, the failure to maintain the system can result in control gear such as valves becoming blocked leading to potential system failure.

A poorly treated closed-circuit water system will be costing you money long before it starts to leak, to overcome these many potential problems Total Water Compliance have a comprehensive range of cost effective inhibitors and biocides which are designed specifically for closed systems. If your system is already suffering because of inadequate or poor water treatment we can provide a wide range of chemical and mechanical products and services which will restore flow and heat transfer to even heavily fouled systems.

As part of on an on-going monitoring regime to ensure the maximum system efficacy and longevity Total Water Compliance can provide a tailored schedule to include

  • Corrosion monitoring and preventative maintenance routines
  • Microbiological monitoring
  • Pre-commission cleaning and post operational flushing
  • Pseudomonas consultancy and
  • Removal of debris, detritus and other solids
  • Treatment regimes in compliance with BSRIA recommendations

All of our engineers are equipped with the latest in tablet technology meaning we not only leave hard copies of all paperwork on site but simultaneously send these documents to your email and e-logbook for ease of reference.

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