Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Towers and Cooling Water systems are high risk critical systems. At Total Water Compliance we understand this. There are more areas for concern in Cooling systems than other legionella risk systems. There are more opportunities for legionella bacteria to grow and the largest risk of legionella bacteria being disseminated to the environment.

Without an effective water treatment regime a cooling water system can suffer from scale, corrosion and microbiological fouling and may become a breeding ground for legionella bacteria. Any of these problems can cause heat exchange surfaces to suffer and reduce cooling efficacy and increase operational costs by many thousands of pounds.

At Total Water Compliance we do not have a standard cooling system treatment program as each and every cooling system is different and unique, from the quality of the make up water to the pre-treatment, different heat exchange surfaces, metallurgy, mechanical configuration and hours of operation. To provide you with the right Water Treatment Regime for your cooling systems we will conduct a full site survey including analysis of the mains water and system water along with considering the systems operation requirements. We then select the best treatment chemicals from our extensive range of speciality chemicals and provide a tailored program to minimise cost and maximise system efficacy in a safe and compliant way.

All of our engineers are equipped with the latest in tablet technology meaning we not only leave hard copies of all paperwork on site but simultaneously send these documents to your email and e-logbook for ease of reference.

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