L8 Legionella monitoring

Tailored Legionella management programs

At Total Water Compliance we provide a bespoke legionella management program based on the sites “Written Scheme of Control”
A fundamental part of managing the risk of Legionella within your buildings is to provide a site-specific monitoring and inspection regime based upon the output from your site-specific Legionella Risk Assessment

The HSE ACop L8 tells us

“If the risk assessment shows that there is a reasonably foreseeable risk and it is reasonably practicable to prevent exposure or control the risk from exposure, the person on whom the statutory duty falls should appoint a person or persons to take a managerial responsibility and to provide supervision for the implementation of precautions"

This is where Total Water Compliance provide you with a tailored program to ensure you meet and exceed the legislative requirements. A suitable and sufficient monitoring regime will have service elements that are required;

  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • 6 Monthly
  • Annually

Total Water Compliance will work with you, to ensure the Legionella Management program is tailored to your individual needs then efficiently and effectively implemented, regularly managed and monitored.

Total Water Compliance will set up and provide a site specific L8 Log Book providing details of all works and monitoring undertaken along with any required remedial actions required.

All of our engineers are equipped with the latest in tablet technology meaning we not only leave hard copies of all paperwork on site but simultaneously send these documents to your email and e-logbook for ease of reference.

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